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I am so grateful and honored to be able to add your thoughtful testimonial to my portfolio.

I know your time is extremely valuable so I have come up with a short list of questions that may be used as prompts as you write.

Helpful Questions to Write your Testimonial

1) What was it like for you before we worked together? (Just describe what you were generally going through)

2) Why is coaching or learning from me invaluable?

3) What results did you gain while working together?

  • Results (What you feel comfortable with- first steps, systems, business structures, offers, sales, % of growth, $ amount, # of clients, clarity, mindset, etc.)

  • Alignment/feelings (How did you feel because of this change? What did this allow you to feel/experience that you didn’t have before?)

4) How has this set you up for your next adventure in your digital course/ business/life?

5) Anything else you feel would be helpful.

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No worries! It happens all the time.

A short, sweet, yet effective review of someone’s work should include:

  • What you worked on (general description)

  • The transformation that resulted - a shift in thoughts, procedures, or structures., and

  • What that means for you, your business or your clients (think bigger picture!)

  • It may also include references to character or observations about Julie and her business that would be helpful in conveying a sense of what it feels like to work together.

By the way, don’t feel like you need to answer all of the questions in your testimonial - just include the ones that are relevant to our work together!