Julie Raich Dieme

Digital Course Strategy

I help health & wellness professionals like you to uplevel with Digital Courses so you can say goodbye to feast & famine cycles and FINALLY scale your business, and enjoy the freedom lifestyle you set out to create!

In 2014, I remember barely being able to get off my couch and thinking - I have got to make a change! For past year, I had been working my booty off as a Spanish instructor, educational consultant, and budding Realtor. I realized that I was working harder (not smarter), still not getting paid my full worth, and it was taking a toll on my health. I was on the fast track to being stressed out, over weight, and miserable.

Fast forward 5 years to 2019
I now run a 6-figure business and teach on the side (because I love it!)

What changed?

It wasn't overnight success, but within a short amount of time, I found myself scaling!

We exponentially expanded our business infrastructure, tripling the bottom line AND growing the team all at the same time.

Luckily, some of this was anticipated.

But it came together at such a rapid pace that I knew we had to share our news with the world - and this is how the Lucrative Digital Course Method (TM) was born!

Where did we focus our energies?

Three things that we couldn't have scaled without were Structure, Systems & Sales Strategies.

It sounds simple, but we put in a LOT of time and energy into this so that any health & wellness business can go from profitable to LUCRATIVE with digital courses & programs in their business too!

Whether your goal is to impact 10 or 300 students at a time, we can show you how to get the kind of results that will fuel long-term business relationships and raving reviews that will attract new business.


What will I gain from a Free Assessment?

I can't wait to meet with you and help you get clear on:

  • The best, most lucrative course for your business. 

  • The course format that works best

  • Decide on the right technology to be able to publish your course within your budget

  • Find the perfect price point for your course AND 

  • Map out your course’s earning potential so you can begin to visualize what the return on investment will actually look like.

I will even help you crunch the numbers to give you an idea of what your earning potential would be based on your numbers. 


Let’s GROW your profit margin with digital courses!