Still Find the Right People to Fill Your Course or Program

Social media has helped many a business to connect with their following.

But what do you do when a major social media platform goes down?

Do you close up shop and head to the beach?

Or do you get creative and do business in a different way?

I live in a part of the U.S. that is prone to power outages and storms that derail roads and telecommunications, at least, once a year (if not more).

When I started working for a Fortune 500 Company out of college, I learned to work smarter not harder when these sorts of situations would come up.

Business and marketing are not all about a single platform.

People have been doing business for years, since before even the internet existed - so an outage is no excuse for no sales.

Here are three ways you can keep your business online - even if you're experiencing a social media meltdown or outage!

1. Go where the people are.
If a social media platform is down, visit them on another platform. Email them. Get on the phone and text or - yes - even call them! And if you work with brick and mortars, then go visit them!

If you have a digital course or program, go and educate them on what the social media outage means for them.

2. Invest your time into something MORE lucrative.
Cleaning your desk is fun, and it feels productive, but setting up that newly automated freebie, or perfecting your newest offer might be a better use of time.

When you invest in creating value items, you are actually investing in your future business relationships. And we all know how lucrative those can be!

Plan a new marketing campaign that doesn't rely entirely on social media. It is possible.

3. Unplug
Finally, if you have cleared your plate of everything you need to do, except posting to that one platform - well, you’ve earned yourself a personal care moment. Go enjoy a coffee, tea or coconut milk steamer and take a few minutes to reflect on what this all means for you and your business.

Sometimes, when we unplug from social media and our screens we can come up with amazing ideas, solve problems, or experience an aha! moment.

And if you do not have an alternative way of doing business, then consider a contingency plan in the event of losing acces to one or more marketing channels.

A contingency plan is 100% necessary and relevant because - guess what - if the loss of a single platform means a major loss in business for you then you probably have too many eggs in one basket (or platform).

How can you diversify your marketing in a way that you are able to generate revenue or promote yourself, even if the Internet were to disappear tomorrow?While social media is amazing for so many things, including communications, relationship building, and adding value, it can also be a big distraction and a source of noise.
So consider how your business can diversify and do business differently, starting with not being so dependent on social media to begin with.
Julie Raich Dieme, M.A. is a Digital Course Strategist and Educator. She helps health & wellness businesses uplevel with online courses or programs so you can scale to 5, 6, and 7 figures & embrace the freedom you dreamed of when you first began.
Julie is a language and travel enthusiast. She has spent significant time in South America, Europe and Africa, in countries such as Chile, Brazil, France, Belgium and Senegal. Currently, she lives in Arcata, California. When she is not in the office, she enjoys going on bike rides, gardening and baking with her 3-year old son and husband.

Julie Raich Dieme