Sell more 1:1 packages so you can pay for your digital course

Imagine the impact you would have with a lucrative digital course that sells volumes and helps the masses.

You would generate leads by word of mouth based on the results you were getting your students, not to mention the publicity that would come as well.

As a result, you would finally be in a position to take a step back and reduce the time you trade for money so you could actually focus on your own health and wellness. 

You could actually spend your time spending it with loved ones, doing the things that matter to you most.

It’s no wonder the idea of scaling with digital course is incredibly appealing!

When your digital course is generating recurring income on autopilot you can do all this and more.

But until you see a return on investment, the question of how to increase your income based on the sales you are making now might seem near impossible. 

Don’t worry - you needn’t hit the lottery to make it happen.

If you love the idea of making a bigger impact and having more freedom with digital courses, here are a few simple strategies to increase your 1:1 sales so you can afford to invest (without having to max out credit cards or hold a rummage sale!) 

In this article, I will cover how to: 

  • Avoid selling your services at half price so you can preserve your time, integrity, and sanity.

  • Take full advantage of your existing market by asking for their business,

  • Generate more leads when you anticipate the needs of your future market.

Let’s get started!

Discounts bad. Creativity good.

Have you ever thought of making a quick sale by discounting your packages? 

In the short term, it seems to make sense, but what are the actual costs associated with deep discounts? And who do they hurt most?

Frequent discounts condition customers to look (and wait) for a sale, which causes two problems; one is an issue of value, the other an issue of timing. 

When customers suffer from a skewed perception of the value of a service, they will never buy at full price - even if the return on investment, as with digital courses, is obvious.

They will always wait for a sale, which places pressure on the entrepreneur to always be having a sale or a deal. 

Instead, incentivize sales by adding value to your offers. 

If your 1:1 offer is a way to get started, add in a resource or tool to help them keep going, stay accountable, or overcome a major pain point in their journey. 

By building out an offer with valuable information or tools, you will increase the client’s trust in your authority and their overall appreciation for your services because you anticipated their need before they even knew it existed. 

Can you see how the end result is far from the deflated value of the deep discount?  

By getting creative and adding in an item of value, you can leverage your sale as a form of free advertising and even secure the next sale without spending a dime. 

Get consistent, and ASK for the business.

If it feels like you can’t milk your existing market any more than you already are without them unsubscribing or ditching you for someone else, then we’ve got work to do!

It takes the average customer 7-12 contacts with the product or service in order to finally decide to buy.

So, if your existing market hasn’t responded yet, or isn’t responding as fast as you would like, you will need to warm your audience to the idea.

In some cases, there is a way to target ideal customers better by using a polarizing messaging strategy, telling stories, or sharing vulnerable moments. 

Your content is key because your warmest leads should be paying attention AND because your content will help you to target only the most interested people to your offers. 

If you already consistent in using your social media and email channels, but you are not getting the response you want - skip to my next point. 

If you are inconsistent in posting, sending promos or asking for the sale, this is the first place to “tighten up” your marketing strategy.

Consistent content that positions your business and services as a viable solution to your customers’ needs will distinguish you from competitors, as well as open doors to working together. 

If you feel like you are posting “too much” about a single topic or that  you are becoming repetitive, don’t worry too much. 

Often times, your audience will not read every single post of yours every single day. 

And if they do (and they are still on the fence) then they need the extra coddling more!

Generate more leads.

In order to expand into new markets, you don’t have to tackle all the social media platforms at once, spend an arm and a leg on a website, or hire a small entourage for your advertising. 

But you do need to continuously welcome new people into your business. 

If not, then you may be in for a dry spell (or this might be your current reality!)

Getting consistent with your marketing and asking for the business, as explained above are great first steps. 

However, a solid sales system requires more than just warming up existing prospects. 

Don’t worry, you can continue to keep things simple and you won’t ever have to sound (or feel) sleazy in the process. 

A few ideas for leveraging your existing audience to generate more leads organically, include your visibility and content strategies.

For example, shouting out your followers and asking for referrals will attract the attention of their friends; sharing audiences with influencers’ hashtags and appearing as a guest on podcasts or livestreams will expose you to new people.

Pair these activities with a freebie opt-in or membership to a group that continues to provide value and you have a recipe for expansion and increased sales. 

The important thing is that you continue to deliver value, ask for the business and stay consistent. 

A Solid Sales System is a Work in Progress. 

To actually increase sales it may be a question of closing more deals, but it also might be a question of meeting more people to take you up on your offers. 

Although I don’t like to think of people in terms of numbers (it feels too impersonal), there is something to be said for the numbers. 

But the ways in which you will make those numbers include offering value, exploring new audiences, and creating offers that deliver on the promised results should be key components of your sales system.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but when you are consistently doing the work you (and your team) will see a change in outcomes. 

A solid sales system truly is a work in progress that should get better with time. 

How are you improving your sales system to attract the business that you want?

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Julie Raich Diémé, M.A. is a Digital Course Scaling Strategist and Educator. She helps health & wellness businesses scale to 6/7 figures with digital courses and programs so you can enjoy the freedom you dreamed of when you first began.

Julie is a language and travel enthusiast. She has spent significant time in South America, Europe and Africa, in countries such as Chile, Brazil, France, Belgium, and Senegal. Currently, she lives in Arcata, California. When she is not in the office, she enjoys going on bike rides, gardening and baking with her 3-year old son and husband.

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