How *NOT* to Sell Your Digital Course

Everyone has a plan when it comes to marketing & selling his or her digital course. 

But how do you know if it is the right one for you?

Some people will tell you there is no right or wrong way.

Others know well that marketing that brings in sales is MUCH better than marketing that doesn't. 

We can all agree that the wrong ways to market & sell digital courses are costly, out of alignment with our businesses, and they don’t bring in the results like other sales techniques. 

So, how do you maximize digital course sales without making these mistakes?

Here are 6 things you should *NOT* do when selling your digital course. 

  1. Do NOT market your digital course to "everyone". For similar reasons to why online businesses niche down to a very specific market, digital courses benefit from a similar strategy. The more specific a solution you provide to a specific problem makes connecting with the right people actually EASY. It is also a lot easier for people to find your solution! And from a marketing standpoint that makes a lot of sense.  

  2. Do NOT "over" do it. People want to fix their issue and move on. So, it is important to respect this desire. People seeking a focused solution to their specific problem may not want all the “nice to haves” and extra information that makes you an expert. (And shouldn't you be getting paid for that anyway?) Don’t get me wrong, people love it when they get more for less. Overdelivering is an awesome business practice. But TMI (too much information), when unsolicited, can be a bad thing. One way to respect your students' time and need for a specific solution is to make sure that when you overdeliver that you don’t do it “in” the course. Make the course short, sweet, and effective so they can take quick action and get the results they need. Then offer people your bonus content to get additional results for dessert.  

  3. Do NOT "under" do it. You never want to "hide" your offer from the world. Unfortunately, this is one of the hugest mistakes I encounter with digital course advertising. People think that they are "over doing" it by including their offer in multiple places. In reality the only person who thinks this is the person whose digital course it is. Make it EASY for people to identify, understand and buy your digital course offers with ample places to learn more and to purchase. Sales pages include more than 1 button because there is a psychology to things. It can be easy to get caught in the scroll, reading about all the juicy details, and ever take action. So make it easy for people to take advantage of your offers - remind them with a button or clickable link so they can buy your digital course.

  4. Do NOT keep it a secret. People do not buy what they don’t know exists. The average online customer needs anywhere from 7-12 points of contact with a service or product before they buy. Let's do the math! If email marketing is your only form of reaching out to prospective customers, you might need to send a few more than usual. Also, consider diversifying your marketing strategies so that you can offer it to a broad audience. And don't be afraid to help people connect the dots and show them how your offer will help solve their problem. I know, it might sound repetitive, but not everyone in your audience will see every communication that you put out there. So, even if you are sick about talking about your digital course, chances are someone is just finding out about it. Always ask for their business.

  5. Do NOT let your digital course offers run forever. We recommend using conversion events, such as webinars, challenges, or countdown timers with a finite ending to them. This is not because you want to pressure people to buy. It is because it creates a sense of urgency, helping the buyer “off the fence” and take action. It also allows for the course seller to improve and strategically offer the course in subsequent versions, leading to new sales opportunities. 

  6. NEVER Spam. When you offer people a solution before they are ready to take it, it basically goes in one ear, out the other, and you will be lucky if the brain stores the information in its rolodex for a rainy day. If there is no perceived need, then there is no need for a solution. The student needs to be invested in the outcome; meaning, they need to see the value in enrolling and doing the work. So, spamming and using pushy sales tactics can lead to short term enrollments, but will most likely lead to high refund or drop-out rates. And that is a really stressful way to run a business!

Digital courses are an intellectual product, making them slightly different to sell than other widgets. 

Ideally, they should appeal to a specific audience with an urgent problem by providing a timely and targeted solution instead of offering an umbrella of possibilities. 

When your digital course clearly demonstrates an ability to help students take action and get results, as well as offers students relevant next steps, you position your digital course and business as a go-to resource in your niche.

These are cornerstones in the Lucrative Digital Course Method and the focus of the Lucrative Digital Course Scaling Solution Checklist.

As always, if you are reading this article in real time, these principles will be the focus of the Sell Your Digital Course Challenge from July 22-26th in my private Facebook Group.

A solid sales system doesn't happen by accident. It takes intentional planning, execution, and assessment - over and over again.

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Julie Raich Diémé, M.A. is a Digital Course Scaling Strategist and Educator. She helps health & wellness businesses scale to 6/7 figures with digital courses and programs so you can enjoy the freedom you dreamed of when you first began.

Julie is a language and travel enthusiast. She has spent significant time in South America, Europe and Africa, in countries such as Chile, Brazil, France, Belgium, and Senegal. Currently, she lives in Arcata, California. When she is not in the office, she enjoys going on bike rides, gardening and baking with her 3-year old son and husband.

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