Go From Profitable to LUCRATIVE With a Digital Course

How do you go from profitable to lucrative with a digital course?

While your first thoughts might drift to social media or email marketing, publicity and advertising, there is more to getting your course sell itself on autopilot than meets the eye.
(Just imagine what it would feel like to have past students singing your praises all over the Internet and in Facebook groups you don’t even belong to!)
For students to be THAT happy about your digital course, it all starts (and comes back to) getting students results.
Your digital course framework is a bigger deal than some people would like to admit.
In this article, I share more on how a lucrative digital course framework can:

  • Build your reputation as a go-to professional and digital resources in your niche with increased completion and success rates for all students (not just top students).

  • Save you time and money advertising all over the internet for your next student when you could be retaining business longer.

  • Pave the pathway for global expansion with scalable structures that can teach as few as 10 or as many as 1,000 students at a time!

Go-to Digital Resource
In order to become a go-to digital resource it takes a bit more than advertising and discounts. Yes, those strategies work for supermarkets and stores, but your digital course doesn’t belong on a shelf for people to purchase. (I will rant about this another time, but it is impossible to sell a digital course or program as a digital product because the transformation it provides is not a physical product - it’s intellectual.)
You don’t have to become some major influencer or always be in the Paparazzi’s spotlight. But you do need a way to attract new business and to get students results. Testimonials and positive statistical evidence of success and completion rates are invaluable. Combine them with well-positioned advertising and, as they say - boom! You’ve got a recipe for scaling.
Completion and success rates are not a given. Just because a student enrolls in a course or program doesn’t guarantee they will ever take action. The thing that helps students to take action is one part student motivation and two parts course framework and support. A student alone cannot make learning happen, which is why they have enrolled in your course or program.
They need your instruction and help so they can achieve their goal. Your advertising will not help students here. For this you need a strong framework.
Save Time & Save Money (the Right Way!)
More testimonials and statistical evidence of student completion and success saves time & money with your advertising. Lots of people (falsely) assume that digital courses are quickly created and sold. Combine a few well-done videos and an aesthetically pleasing web platform with some ads and you're in business. This is what I call a marketing approach to creating and selling digital courses.

In the short term, a marketing approach is designed to boost sales. The problem that typically arises shortly after the cart closes is that the digital course or program framework doesn't live up to students' expectations. This is why so many digital courses have trouble ever getting off the ground or their students past the 10% completion mark. A marketing approach that values front-end sales overlooks the most lucrative piece of the puzzle.

The relationships formed as students complete a digital course or program are invaluable. When students know, like and trust you as an expert in your field, they will sing your praises everywhere. They will like your advertising and show up to your free workshops as raving fans. And this is invaluable!
Going Global
A lucrative digital course framework, attracts both new business as well as new opportunities. The right framework helps to continually serve you and your students beyond their graduation. With a rock solid framework that gets students results, it is possible to supercharge your advertising and your reputation as a go-to digital resource that gets students results. This is exactly the kind of infrastructure and advertising you need to go global.
Global expansion with a digital course or program doesn't happen by accident, or just because you have spent money on ads. It happens because you have done the work and your digital course or program is positioned to sell and get students results. It's because you've been able to consistently do this before and people have good things to say. It's the direct result of an effective framework paired with effective advertising of all forms, but most importantly, the word-of-mouth kind. If your future students don’t know, like and trust that you can get them results they seek, it’s game over (before it even begins)!
Are you ready to take your digital course or program to the next level? Global expansion doesn't have to be light years into the future - you can begin that journey today!
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Julie Raich Dieme, M.A. is a Digital Course Strategist and Educator. She helps health & wellness businesses uplevel with online courses or programs so you can scale to 6 and 7 figures & embrace the freedom you dreamed of when you first began.
Julie is a language and travel enthusiast. She has spent significant time in South America, Europe and Africa, in countries such as Chile, Brazil, France, Belgium, and Senegal. Currently, she lives in Arcata, California. When she is not in the office, she enjoys going on bike rides, gardening and baking with her 3-year old son and husband.

Julie Raich Dieme