Freedom & Passive Income: WHY it Doesn’t Have to Be Some Impossible Dream

Imagine working so incredibly hard, with your head down and blinders on, that one day you wake up to the reality that you have helped a TON of people… but it was at your own expense.
On a call this week, I met a woman whose partner literally told her THIS. He said he wanted to spend time with her, and for her to begin writing her own story (instead of her clients’ happy endings!)
At first I thought - That was bold of him!
But she agreed that this is what she wanted too.
And since I just got back from a much needed family vacay, I agreed 100%.
In order to show up for our clients we MUST pour from a full cup.
Not only that, establishing boundaries between our clients’ lives and our own is healthy.
Because the whole reason you got into your industry was to help people (obviously) AND actually live the freedom lifestyle that you advise clients on all the time.
I mean, what good would it do to preach something you didn't practice?
In this article I am going to talk about freedom, passive income, and why it doesn’t have to be some impossible dream.
Spoiler alert: You don’t have to wait to scale. You can have it NOW!

Freedom with digital courses
Digital courses and programs are the natural "next step" to growing and scaling any health and wellness business.
When you get students results, you can have as much freedom as you want.
Why? Because your solution is in demand.
Students will tell friends, post about it in social media, and provide testimonials that tell the world your solution is legit.
Building a freedom based business is hard work, and it is totally doable (and SO amazing)!

Promising passive income
Passive income is awesome, but it is not something I talk about a lot.
For starters, I am a worker bee and I am totally honest with myself and my clients - passive is as passive does.
Even the self pay coffee stand requires work! Someone has to stock it, clean it, and make sure that people are indeed paying.
So let's be real: there's no free lunch!
However, with the right systems in place you can launch a lucrative pillar in your business that generates passive income on a regular basis.
There's still set up, maintenance, and service involved, but it's doable board to ask the other things you do to market and sell your services.
So what do you need to do to make this dream a reality?
You can have digital course freedom now
Get people results with your expertise.
Make this into a digital course or program.
(Remember, the more specific you make the topic, the better it is for helping the right students.)
Sell it. Validate it. And get testimonials.
Revise it based in students' feedback.
Make sure that students are absolutely able to move from start to finish without a hitch.
Most importantly, make sure that completion and success rates are HIGH.
Nothing compares to student satisfaction when it comes to advertising (and it's free!)
Now, if all this sounds good but you are unsure HOW you will make all this happen - no worries!
I am a Digital Course Strategist, and it would be an honor to meet up with you on a Free Assessment call to discuss your goals.
Also, I host a free Facebook group call Lucrative Digital Courses where you can ask questions and find support.

Julie Raich Dieme