Are you starting to wonder if you will ever fill your digital course or program?

If you're not finding the right people to fill your digital courses or programs, it can be really frustrating.

Especially when you are posting all over social media, have a brand new website, or you’re spending time and money on ads - and it’s just not working!

But let me tell you something, I’ve been there too. And just because you are not producing the results you desire doesn’t mean there's anything wrong with you or your business!

You just need a little guidance in order to get all of the many pieces of your digital marketing to work in your favor.

Here are 5 things you can do now to get paid to create your digital course or program!

1. Talk to your ideal client using their own words
It can be hard, at times, when you are an expert, to consider how the client or student views their problem.

However, getting to know your ideal students in terms of how they see themselves,will help you to more directly speak to them, their pain points, and offer a solution that they will consider buying.

Most of the time, we know more or less what they suffer from, but we also need to be able to describe their pain in a way that is similar to how they think about it.

When you do not have a clear idea of who your ideal client or student is, the words you use will be difficult to communicate with them.

In case you are feeling out of touch with your ideal client or student, coffee chats and market research calls are a great way to get caught up and to really find out what they need or want.

2. Connect
Connecting comes in all shape, sizes and strategies. It’s not just about what types of posts you share with your audience or how (or if) you choose to message them.

Real connection is what happens in between and behind the scenes of your marketing.

In order to really connect, I like to get the conversation started with social media messaging and propose a virtual tea. In-person chats and calls are where you can really get to know someone and learn about your network.

Feeling shy or like you wouldn't know what to say? Prepare a shortlist of questions or topics that you would feel comfortable discussing.

3. Build rapport
Build rapport and develop an intimate understanding of their problems and how you can help (based on what they say, not what you think).

When building any relationship, it is crucial that you listen carefully to what the other person has to say.

In order to build know, like and trust it's not always about securing a short term win when you send a link.

Personalize the experience as much as possible. And make sure you follow up.

Follow-up can be with messages, emails, phone calls, or even sending a card in the mail!

4. Add value and educate through your content
Adding value, when you offer a digital course or program is easy when you think of it in terms of education.

Share tips, articles, or other valuable information that your prospective students need to know.

Not sure what they would want to hear? ASK!

Asking for content suggestions is actually a really great reason to follow up, plus it will give you an endless supply of ideas for content creation!

Don't be afraid you are giving away too much. I regularly post articles to inspire and motivate my audience to try new approaches to solving their lead generation, marketing and course design problems. In addition to my posts, I have a Facebook group where I frequently host free challenges or do live trainings where I feature the answers to the questions of my audience.

5. Be consistent & follow-up
Post regularly and stay in touch with your audience. Trust is built over time (not overnight).

Finally, I would like to encourage you to keep your expectations realistic.

Don't expect to make the “magic” post or to message people twice and have them run to your shopping cart.

Consistent contact and personalized follow up is an essential part of the relationship marketing process.

If you are not seeing the results you desire, consider how regularly you are taking these 5 steps in your business.

Lots of times, it comes down to a having patience and persistence, even when you feel like giving up or moving on.

If a prospect doesn't have an immediate need for your services, consider how you can continue to add value and build a relationship. Being in someone's network when the timing is right is one of the best rewards.

Likewise, referrals are pretty nice too.

What do you do to build and grow your business relationships? Leave a comment or a question below.

And if you found value in this article please feel free to share it with your network.
Julie Raich Dieme, M.A. is a Digital Course Strategist and Educator. She helps health & wellness businesses uplevel with online courses or programs so you can scale to 5, 6, and 7 figures & embrace the freedom you dreamed of when you first began.

Julie is a language and travel enthusiast. She has spent significant time in South America, Europe and Africa, in countries such as Chile, Brazil, France, Belgium and Senegal. Currently, she lives in Arcata, California. When she is not in the office, she enjoys going on bike rides, gardening and baking with her 3-year old son and husband.

Julie Raich Dieme