3 Digital Course Myths & How to Avoid Them So You Can Scale

The return on investment with digital courses & programs can be incredibly lucrative.
In fact, they can up to 30x your profits without overtaxing your business infrastructure.
If you have digital courses & programs and you've made some money in the process, you can probably see how this would work.

But the big question clients always ask is how?

Digital courses and programs are key to scaling a service based business that would otherwise be limited by geography, demographics, or business infrastructure.

In this article I will reveal 3 misconceptions that frequently get in the way of scaling with digital courses, keeping health & wellness professionals in a financial rut.

Myth #1: Digital Courses Mean Massive Passive Profits
When you first designed your digital course, your thoughts were set on passive income - right?

The digital course now pays for its own ads and generates revenue that you can reinvest into the business.

But with the lower price point, you wouldn’t exactly label these profits as being massive - right?

When 1 course sells at a fraction of the cost of a 1:1 or group program, it can seem like trading time for money is the better option.

In order to scale with a digital course the trick is to make it more than just the icing on the cake so it's no longer the unexpected download or down sell: it's the main course.

To do that, your course must check the 5 boxes I mention in the Lucrative Scaling Solution Checklist.

Also, you'll want to ensure that the digital course paves a clear pathway to working with you as the next steps.

If you can do this, you’ve just tapped into free advertising (that actually pays you back!)
It's a whole lot easier to keep a client than it is to source a new one.

And repeat business always contributes to the reputation you are trying to build as a go-to resource in your industry.

When your digital course leads students to work with you in a greater capacity, you capitalize on the relationship you've built through the digital course.

The number of new students you need to source with paid marketing decreases.

Not to mention, the overall cost of advertising and time marketing is also reduced.

And that just makes sense (dollars and cents, that is)!

Myth #2: My Digital Course MUST be Automated
Is your goal to create and sell a digital product that helps your clients meet their goals AND actually get them results?

If so, then let’s take a look at how really effective digital courses & programs are made without overspending or driving yourself insane with video production or editing.
Because you don't have to 100% automate a digital course or program in order to be profitable or to scale.

And until your methods are yielding consistent results, do you really want to invest the time and energy into technology?

What you DO need is a universal framework that produces results in an online space.
There just isn’t the space to customize every single detail and outcome as you would in a 1:1 program.

But if you’ve been doing what you do for any length of time and you have gotten your clients results, then you know this already.

So focus on automating aspects of the course that will make you money!

With an automated sales mechanism that has the power to get paying students into your seats you will be doing yourself and your business a HUGE favor.

Also, it will save you a LOT of time (and money) so that when your digital course or program starts to sell volumes you can easily handle the workload.

Teaching is (and always has been) the easy part of what you do!

Myth #3: It Takes BIG Money to Scale with Digital Courses
Money is not a requirement to get started with digital courses or to make a profit.
There are many free and economical options for creating a digital course.

However, industry standards would like us to believe that in order to sell volumes you must invest copious amounts of money into advertisements, SEO, and funnels.

It's simply not the case!

What is a requirement is getting students results.

High completion and success rates will turn your digital courses into the talk of the town.
And a glowing reputation as someone people can trust is invaluable.

In fact, that's the kind of praise that gets you paid to create a course or program (but that's a story for another time).

Digital courses can be incredibly lucrative, if you want them to be.

But myths such as the ones I discuss above will only keep you playing small.

In order to scale, the quickest fix is to focus on: getting students results.

For this you will need to boost your digital course's completion and success rates so you can build credibility as a go-to resource in your industry and earn referrals, as well as repeat business.

You will also need a fail-proof sales mechanism that saves you time and money so you can focus on what you do best - interface with clients.

When you automate aspects of the sales and teaching process, you free up capital to reinvest in the business.

I highly suggest working with someone like me - a Digital Course Strategist - who can help you navigate the process of scaling, minimize speed bumps and make sure you have the resources and tools that you need at your fingertips.

How will you reinvest the time and energy that you'll save when you avoid these 3 myths?

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Julie Raich Dieme